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-Guide to Teldaria Bosses-
Here I’ll be talking about the two bosses we have in Teldaria. There isn’t much documented on the bosses, so hopefully this post will help give some information regarding them. There are two bosses at the moment: Fenrir and the Giant. You can find the locations of these bosses with /tbosses or /boss. They all drop tokens based on the percentage of damage you dealt to the boss along with some extra money if you deal the final hit. If you qualify for loot, you can get up to 2 drops randomly from its loot table. The amount of damage you do does not affect what loot you get. Now, I’ll be discussing each boss individually.

The Giant looks like a vanilla giant zombie wearing armor and holding an iron hoe and shield. It respawns every 2 hours and 30 minutes after it’s last death or right after a reboot. It spawns in a random location in the overworld which can be found with /tbosses or /boss. It spawns in the ocean a lot, so be prepared to bring respiration and depth strider gear when hunting down this boss!

The Fight
The boss is a legendary tier boss with 3000 health. When fighting it, it’ll spawn lots of mobs such as skeletons and zombies around it depending on the level of those fighting it. The highest tier these extra mobs can be is hellish. The Giant can also teleport randomly during the fight so be sure to always stay on the move to be able to consistently deal damage. The Giant also shoots fireballs that are pretty easy to dodge. The fight itself is simple, just keep attacking it while making sure the amount of the spawned mobs are controlled. I recommend using a bow from far away if you’re fighting it on land as you can avoid the Giant’s melee attacks and some of the spawned mobs that way. If you’re fighting it in the water, the spawned mobs will just float to the top while the Giant sinks to the bottom, making it an simpler melee fight.

Now, we discussed the Giant’s mechanics and fighting it, but what about the loot? Well as long as you did damage to the Giant, you’ll get up to two drops from its loot table. Here, I made a table estimating the percentages of those drops.


Fenrir simply looks like a wolf with a Fenrir name tag. Same size, same look. Because of its small size, this fight can be hard as it’ll be difficult to hit this little fella. It isn’t too hard to spot though, because it turns the blocks around it into magma blocks. It spawns every 1 hour and 30 minutes after its last death or right after a reboot and always at 1 location, a crater looking area with magma blocks scattered around (I recommend flame cloak). Spawning at 1 location is a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing is that you can set a home and quickly get to it. Bad thing is that other people can do that too, and some might try to kill you.

The Fight
Fenrir is a heavenly tiered boss with 5000 health, so this fight can be pretty difficult. When fighting it, it won’t spawn any extra mobs like skeletons or zombies, but it will spawn stationary runes that have different effects. Fenrir calls down meteor-like particles that spawn runes which have different effects, listed below.

Rune of Healing - This rune will heal the boss for quite a bit and should be your first priority. This rune will be highlighted in red and can be seen by its beam of hearts towards the boss

Rune of Weakness - This rune will debuff you with weakness and mining fatigue which can drastically reduce your damage output. This rune is highlighted in gray.

Rune of Destruction - This rune will directly damage you. This rune is highlighted in blue and can be seen by its beam of blue particles towards you.

Each rune will die in 1 hit thankfully, so I recommend shooting them with a bow. Try to destroy the runes as fast as possible so you can focus on Fenrir itself. Throughout the fight, you’ll be thrown up and knocked back a lot, so make sure you have suitable regeneration and feather falling to minimize that damage. Also, during the fight, there’s a chance that a bunch of runes will spawn at once. When this happens, destroy all the runes as quick as possible as this is usually the point where the boss regains much of its health. As long as you’re dealing consistent damage and taking care of the runes, this fight is relatively simple.

Now, enough of Fenrir mechanics. Let’s get down to loot. Like the Giant, it’ll drop up to two random things from its loot table. HOWEVER, you MUST deal at least 10% of total damage to the boss to qualify for reward drops. Damage done to runes don’t count. Here’s a table with roughly estimated chances.


-Final Words-
Armed with the power of knowledge, get out there and slay some bosses! Also, keep in mind, if you're in the PVP server, you may have to fight other players too, so be careful! I’ll be adding any further information on bosses that may get added in the future. If you have anything to be clarified or anything you might want to add, don’t be afraid to comment it!


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