(Accepted) Ban Appeal - Piguyisme

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1. My IGN is piguyisme
2. I was banned by Migina_wolf
3. I was banned on 9/20/18
4. I use 1.12.2 with optifine and the teldaria modpack
5. I was banned for Alting
6. I broke the The Use of Alternate Accounts (Or Multiple Accounts) is Not Allowed rule
7. I don't have any video or pictures
8. I have read all of the MC rules but not the discord rules because I'm not active on the discord server.
9. Yes, I understand not to make another appeal
10. I was coming on with alt accounts and giving myself the stuff from the starter kit. I read the /rules thing but I never went on the forum post, assuming they were the same thing. I don't remember seeing no alting on the /rules, but it might be there and I am sorry, I honestly didn't see it.


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This appeal has been accepted, your punishment has been lowered to a four day tempban. You can rejoin the server after the tempban expires. I suggest reading /rules again and the rules listed on forums.
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