[Accepted] Ban appeal - DangerInTheDark

1- Site your IGN: DangerInThe Dark
2- Who Banned you: Llamaa2
3- Ban Date: 2018-08-21
4- Client Version & Mods Installed: Teldaria technic pack with x-ray texture pack
5- Reason for the ban: Using x-ray
6- What Rule did you break?: X-ray not allowed, i don't remember what the rule actually is - the rule page is down.
7- Do you have any evidence (Pictures / Videos) that you can use to support your appeal: No i do not but I AM SORRY i used x-ray
8- I Have Read and Agreed To All Of The Rules?: No i didn't - my bad. WILL READ as soon as rule page is up.
9- Do you understand that if you make another Appeal while one is still pending
that the older one(s) will be removed? (Y/N): Y
10- Appeal to Plead your Case / Explanation: I understood how unfair it was to use x-ray. And was punished for good. X-ray wont happen again. I am truly sorry, fucked up badly. PROMISE won't happen again.


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Your ban appeal has been accepted. My apologies for the late response. I hope you take into consideration the rules next time you play :).